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Convert a Nintendo games console into a portable oscilloscope



An old project from ELEKTOR magazine that I stumbled across whilst looking at compact oscilloscopes to replace my ageing Gould 4030.
PDF document here.

There is also a guy on the ELEKTOR forums working on a module for the Game Boy Advance, with an even faster bandwidth.


This is what prompted me to look at alternatives for my benchtop oscilloscope.


A Velleman scope from Maplins selling at the moment for only £79.99

  • 40MHz Samples/sec in real time
  • Bandwidth up to 10MHz
  • Full auto range option (or manual)
  • Sensitivity down to 0.1mV
  • Signal markers for amplitude, frequency and time
  • Memory hold function and hold function
  • Direct audio power measurement
  • USB battery charger included
  • LINK


    HDD self destruct using thermite

    Drew Pilcher, aka Wolf of Wolf Project Files made a HDD Self destruct rig out of a few bits of wood, and some homegrown Thermite.

    The results were quite impressive to say the least.

    Miniature Tractor

    This is a bit eerie…

    Home made camping stove